Data for: Maneuvering Flight Envelope Evaluation and Analysis of Generic Transport Model with Control Surfaces Failures

Published: 9 February 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/k4ntmx43x5.1


This dataset is comprised of 168 3D maneuvering flight envelopes of the NASA Generic Transport Model. It consists of 4 flight envelopes evaluated for the unimpaired case at different altitudes, and 164 flight envelopes evaluated for 41 different surface jam and control restriction failures of rudder and aileron at different altitudes. Each 3D flight envelope comprises of thousands of trim points for which a nonlinear 6DOF optimization process has been executed one by one. On average it took 8 seconds for each trim point to complete the optimization process, hence in order to evaluate all 3D flight envelopes, we spent more than 19600 hours in over more than 16 months; executing the optimization process on more than 8.8 million trim points. Such a large number of impaired flight envelopes provided a great insight on how the degree of failure affects the maneuvering flight envelope. Also numerous comparison plots are provided in this dataset which depict the variation of flight envelope with different degrees of control surface failure. This dataset has potential uses in post-failure analysis and development of aircraft resilient control and upset recovery systems.



University of Tehran


Aerospace Engineering, Aircraft, Flight Dynamics