A Facile Approach to Enhance the UV Blocking Properties of Layered Double Hydroxides and Potential Application in Asphalt

Published: 23 February 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/k4ntwrg978.1
Guirong Wang, Enze Xu, Pengyun Chen, Kaitao Li, Yanjun Lin


Defect-structured ZnaMgbAlc layered double hydroxides (d-ZnaMgbAlc-LDHs) with varying magnesium/zinc ratios have been prepared by modifying the surface of ZnaMgbAlc-LDHs through a chemical etching method. The UV blocking properties of d-ZnaMgbAlc-LDHs were significantly improved and d-Zn4Al2-LDH was added into asphalt to explore the potential anti-UV-aging application in asphalt. Research results show that 3 wt.% of d-Zn4Al2-LDH could significantly improve the anti-UV-aging ability of asphalt, resulting from oxygen vacancy defects produced on the surface of d-Zn4Al2-LDH. Specifically, these oxygen defects vacancy can adsorb the free radicals generated during asphalt aging process; therefore, it blocked the fragmentation of macromolecule chain in asphalt and postponed the aging process. The raw data listed below was graphed only by Origin for data support in this article.The results of XRD and SEM confirmed the successful preparation of LDH materials. The UV–visible absorption spectra verified the difference of the absorption capacity to ultraviolet light of each material and EPR measurements were performed to identify the intensity of oxygen vacancy.



Universitat Bremen, Beijing University of Chemical Technology


Applied Chemistry