Climate risk documents analysed for linkages with SDG Goals, Targets and Indicators

Published: 4 October 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/k4snbvxz5j.1
, Alexandre Magnan, Brian O'Neill, Guy Midgley, Matthias Garschagen, Gueladio Cisse, Jeremy Hess, Alisher Mirzabaev, Richard Betts, Aditi Mukherji, Halvard Buhaug


Data for analysis of the linkages between Sustainable Development Goals, Targets and Indicators and 8 categories of representative key risks (RKR) related to climatic risks. The data set comprises a listing of documents of specific risk categories for keyword extraction and text used for analysis on linkages to the Sustainable Development Goals (Table 1). Climatic risk categories identified as risk to coastal socio-ecological systems (RKR-A), risk to terrestrial and ocean ecosystems (RKR-B), risks associated with critical physical infrastructure, networks and services (RKR-C), risk to living standards (RKR-D), risk to human health (RKR-E), risk to food security (RKR-F), risk to water security (RKR-G), and risks to peace and to human mobility (RKR-H). The list of documents for each category of RKR (Table 2) were compiled by expert teams (Table 3). The 3 files in this repository: 1. 'Table 1 SDG Keyword list.docx' contains the list of keywords used for each of the SDG indicators. 2. 'Table 2 List of Documents and Text Strings.xlsx' contains the list of document 'DOI / URL', 'Reference' titles, and the text string used for analysis comprising 'Abstracts', 'Highlight/Significance etc' (from the article), 'Keywords', and 'Notes' if any entered by experts for the categories RKR-A, RKR-B, RKR-C, RKR-D, RKR-E, RKR-F, RKR-G, RKR-H. The list of experts are included in tab 'RKR Experts' 3. 'Table 3 RKR Experts.xlsx' lists the experts contributing to the compilation of literature.


Steps to reproduce

Formation of expert teams and appointment of team leads. Compilation of literature relevant to each RKR described in Table 2. Notation on literature if relevant. Listing of SDG indicators and selection of keywords based on the indicators, including synonyms. Compilation of abstracts, highlights/significance, keywords, notes, for each of the articles identified by the experts.


Sustainable Development, Climate Change