An advanced analytical assessment of rare earth element concentration, distribution, speciation, crystallography and solid-state chemistry in fly ash

Published: 2 November 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/k54hnzxp3j.1
Ilemona Okeme


Data sets from the analysis of individual monazite particles A, B and C (isolated from fly ash material) via synchrotron radiation techniques (µ-XANES, µ-XRD, µ-XRF and µ-XRF tomography), aimed at understanding the distribution and speciation of rare earth elements within the monazite particles, and also the crystallography of the monazite particles. The results obtained are essential in developing a fundamental understanding of the distribution and colocalisation of REE, U and Th within monazite particles, and therefore in the optimisation of recovery methods for such metals/minerals for both resource recovery and environmental protection.


Steps to reproduce

µ-XANES data can be processed using the Athena software; µ-XRD and µ-XRF data can be processed using the DAWN software; µ-XRF tomography data can be processed using the Avizo software.


University of Bristol


Rare Earth Element, Fly Ash