A unique environmental augmented household-level livelihood dataset from Nepal

Published: 27 July 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/k5b2zmr4kp.2
Solomon Zena Walelign,
Carsten Smith-Hall,
Santosh Rayamajhi ,
Bir Bahadur Khanal Chhetri


A primary household-level panel data for investigation of rural livelihoods dynamics in Nepal, with particular emphasis on allowing analysis of the economic importance of environmental products. The main variables included are: household demographics (individual’s age, gender, educational status, marital status), assets (livestock, implements, land, jewellery, saving, debt), income (from the environment, crop production, livestock rearing, business ownership, wage employment, remittances, and other sources), and household shock experiences (e.g., crop failure or livestock loss). Please refer to the data dictionary and the questionnaire for details.