Global Wine Statistics Trained Neural Net

Published: 11 February 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/k5sn5ydbmc.1
Ricardo R. Palma


Dataset created by K. Anderson et al from Adelaide Univresity - Australy, used in some experiments for Industrial Data Analytics on University of Cuyo - Mendoza Argentina. All the algortims used for the prospective of world wine scenary are based in Professor Andersen dataset. See more about de dataset and trained neural netowrk on: A model of the world’s wine marketsGlyn Wittwera, Nick Bergerb, Kym Anderson "Centre for International Economic Studies, University of Australy, Adelaide . Call to if you need this dataset un R-Cran format. You can also get the trained neural net for harvest forecast.


Steps to reproduce

This work is in a early steps. Use the forecast carefully. Help us to improve the results.


Australian National University Ageing Research Unit, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo Facultad de Ingenieria


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