Power System Load Research Tool with Energy Dashboard

Published: 10 November 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/k5wm3sw5k5.1
KS Sastry Musti


The main aim of load research is to study the load characteristics through a versatile dashboard that provides overall visualizations for large data sets collected from different regions, different types of consumers. Several tasks related in energy supply industry (ESI) such as generation planning, power dispatch, system operation and control, load shedding etc., require load information and visualizations for both historical and real-time data sets. To support users in carrying out such studies, a versatile load research tool with energy dashboard is developed, using Microsoft Excel platform. To stimulate insights into big data aspects, historical data over a few years is considered. Wide ranging features and possibilities of simulating various operating conditions and customizations have been incorporated into this tool. The tool is made available in the Mendeley data repository, which is a public domain for wider use. We do hope that users and ESI stakeholders find the tool useful. We welcome feedback and comments.


Steps to reproduce

The tool is self-explanatory. First few sheets provide resources for data generation. Last two sheets have the information and the energy dashboard. Data can be generated by clicking the buttons and information can be viewed automatically. Data is not real, which means the data in this tool does not belong to any real system. The tool is only for educational and research purposes.


Namibia University of Science and Technology


Energy Engineering, Activation Energy, Spreadsheet, Energy Application, Smart City, Smart Grid Technology, Energy System Analysis, Power System Automation