The Mediating Role Of Life Satisfaction, Internet Gaming Disorder, And Negative Affect Within The Relationship Of Basic Psychological Needs Satisfaction And Depression

Published: 2 August 2021| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/k698sznwf6.3


Abstract The purpose of this study was to propose a model in order to examine the relationships between Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD), depression, life satisfaction (LS), basic psychological needs satisfaction (BPNS), and negative affect (NA). A total of 339 university students participated in this study. Of the participants, 244 mentioned that they played digital games, and 95 mentioned that did not play any games. Of these 244 students, 131 were female (53.7%) and 113 were male (46.3%). In the study, Personal Information Form, Internet Gaming Disorder-ShortForm, Basic Psychological Needs Satisfaction Scale, Negative Affect Scale, and The Satisfaction With Life Scale were used as data collection tools. As a result of the structural equation model, it was found that the relationship between basic psychological needs and IGD was mediated by life satisfaction. Besides, it was concluded that negative affect mediated the relationship between IGD and depression. Key Words: IGD, Basic Psychological Need Satisfaction, Life satisfaction, Negative Affect, Depression



Social Sciences, Health Sciences