MicroCT data of cuboids produced by laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing at two processing parameters

Published: 2 April 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/k6dy5bgbrx.1
Anton du Plessis


This data is associated with a submitted manuscript, where processing parameters for Ti6Al4V with and without copper addition is investigated. The two samples are both with 3% copper with different process parameters. The data format is described below and will be of interest to readers of the paper (in Additive Manufacturing journal) for visualization of pores inside the metal samples. Data is in processed format and can be opened using the free software myVGL obtainable from Volume Graphics GmbH, or the compressed image stacks can be opened, which then contains no analysis and only raw data. Voxel size is 0.015 mm isotropic. Cuboids are 10x10x4 mm and analysis region of interest is the central 6x6x2 mm of each sample. The two samples are two different process parameters with power 170 W and scan speed 0.9 m/s, and 340 W with 1.1 m/s



Stellenbosch University


Non-Destructive Testing, Micro Computed Tomography