Centromere/kinetochore is assembled through CENP-C oligomerization. Hara et al

Published: 1 June 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/k6jnkjbd8k.1
Masatoshi Hara


The kinetochore is an essential protein complex required for accurate chromosome segregation. The constitutive centromere-associated network (CCAN), a subcomplex of the kinetochore, associates with centromeric chromatin and provides a platform for the kinetochore assembly. The CCAN protein CENP-C is thought to be a central hub for the centromere/kinetochore organization. However, the role of CENP-C in CCAN assembly needs to be elucidated. Here, we demonstrate that both the CCAN-binding domain and the C-terminal region that includes the Cupin domain of CENP-C are necessary and sufficient for chicken CENP-C function. Structural and biochemical analyses reveal self-oligomerization of the Cupin domains of chicken and human CENP-C. We find that the CENP-C Cupin domain oligomerization is vital for CENP-C function, centromeric localization of CCAN, and centromeric chromatin organization. These results suggest that CENP-C facilitates the centromere/kinetochore assembly through its oligomerization.



Cell Biology, Centromere, Chromosome Segregation