Tropical Feynman integration in the Minkowski regime

Published: 25 August 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/k6r62hdgvd.1


We present a new computer program, feyntrop, which uses the tropical geometric approach to evaluate Feynman integrals numerically. In order to apply this approach in the physical regime, we introduce a new parametric representation of Feynman integrals that implements the causal iε prescription concretely while retaining projective invariance. feyntrop can efficiently evaluate dimensionally regulated, quasi-finite Feynman integrals, with not too exceptional kinematics in the physical regime, with a relatively large number of propagators and with arbitrarily many kinematic scales. We give a systematic classification of all relevant kinematic regimes, review the necessary mathematical details of the tropical Monte Carlo approach, give fast algorithms to evaluate (deformed) Feynman integrands, describe the usage of feyntrop and discuss many explicit examples of evaluated Feynman integrals.



Computational Physics, Application of Monte Carlo Method, Tropical Geometry