COVID-19 Situation Assessment: Data from Belarus and Russia

Published: 19 January 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/k72nh7xj5c.2


Materials contain the data on the assessment of COVID-19 situation by adult respondents (age from 18 to 76) coming from countries with the common past, language and similar mentality but differing in governmental security measures during pandemic spring outbreak (no precautionary measures in Belarus (N=267); lockdown and financial support in Russia (N=397)). The data is given in .xlsx and .sav formats. The data was obtained using online survey platform (Google forms) from 2020.04.11 to 2020.06.04 (during the period of lock-down in Russia). The data contains socio-demographical information (sex, age, country of citizenship), survey answers and the results of two standardized psychological tests (to measure dangerous and threatening social world view and hardiness). The survey consists of four blocks: specific impact of the COVID-19 situation on various aspects of respondents’ life; estimation of different fears; estimation of various aspects of COVID-19 situation, and estimation of personal resources. Russian and English versions of the survey are given.



Psychology, Cross-Cultural Studies, Psychological Well-Being, COVID-19