Dataset of biomass characteristics and net output power from downdraft biomass gasifier integrated power production unit

Published: 26 September 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/k78rj37kkg.2


This dataset includes 1032 runs from a biomass downdraft gasifier integrated with power production unit (BG-PP) that is fed by 86 different types of biomasses from different groups (e.g. wood and woody biomasses, herbaceous and agricultural biomasses, animal biomasses, mixed biomasses and contaminated biomasses) and under various operating conditions. The dataset covers elemental and proximate analysis of various biomasses, operation conditions and the net output power from the BG-PP in each case/run. This article is via our another Elsevier journal as a co-submission, titled “Artificial neural network integrated with thermodynamic equilibrium modeling of downdraft biomass gasification-power production plant”. In fact, this dataset has been used to train and test the developed Artificial neural network modeling of a downdraft BG-PP in our paper.



Haskoli Islands


Power Generation, Biomass Gasifier, Renewable Energy