Measurements for mobile communications in train corridors inside dense forest environments in the 460 MHz frequency

Published: 2 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/k7hcg225gr.1


This dataset presents real measurements of radio frequency signals in a railway corridor within the Atlantic Forest in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. A transmitter antenna fixed on a pole inside the corridor was used together with an RF generator transmitting a CW signal in the 460 MHz band. A mobile receiving antenna was installed on the roof of a locomotive and connected to a spectrum analyzer, a laptop and software for data reading were used together, coupled to a GPS antenna. Thus, the measured signal was geographically recorded as the train traveled along the corridor.


Steps to reproduce

The measurements were performed at a frequency of 460 MHz using a signal generator (Rohde & Schwarz SMT06) connected to an amplifier with an output power of 5W and 10 meters of LMR 400 coaxial cable connected to an omnidirectional antenna with a gain of 8.15 dBi and vertically polarized, generating a carrier wave (CW). The height of the TX antenna in relation to the ground was 7 meters. On the locomotive, a spectrum analyzer was used (Anritsu S412E) with 4 meters of LMR 240 coaxial cable connected to a vertically polarized low-profile antenna with a gain of 2.15 dBi. The height of the RX antenna in relation to the ground was 4.6 meters. A laptop with data collection software was used to record the measurements of the spectrum and the GPS position. The scanning time in the spectrum analyzer was set to 500ms, and the collection software was programmed to perform three signal readings, calculating the average and recording the data. The average signal and geographical position were saved every 1.5s. The values presented are the raw measurements without discounting the attenuation of the cables and/or the gain of the antennas.


Universidade Nove de Julho - Campus Vergueiro


Transport, Wireless Communication, Wave Propagation, Train, Wireless Telecommunication Systems, Radio Frequency Measurement