Data for Usability Evaluating of Interactive Systems based on the Judgment-Based Model

Published: 14 April 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/k7mxdhpp34.2


Data is related to the paper "A Judgment-Based Model for Usability Evaluating of Interactive Systems Using Fuzzy Multi Factors Evaluation (MFE)" published by "Applied Soft Computing"[1]. Collected data purposed to integrate a fuzzy Multi Factors Evaluation (MFE) model based on experts’ judgments in HCI, ISPD, and AMLMs.


Steps to reproduce

Data were collected in two steps. First, data collected from 182 articles that are resulted from the search in Web of Science Core Collection, in 2018-2019 with “interactive system” search key and in the category of "computer science". Component factor analysis in “IBM SPSS statistics 25” is used to classify purposes of interactive systems in these articles. Data in the second step collected from the experts. The essential data are supplied for the multi-factor evaluation method. Data was applied to design the FIS for usability evaluation using MATLAB with a fuzzy logic toolbox and a Mamdani-based FIS implemented. This system was designed to measure the influence of the usability criteria on the whole interactive system. The input is four classifications of interactive systems, and the output is five usability metrics. One of the inputs (System Aim) is not considered as a fuzzy variable because we only determine one main objective for an interactive system. However, the other three inputs and five outputs are fuzzy variables.


Machine Learning, Interactive System, Expert System, Human-Computer Interaction Application