Morphed Faces in Aadhar Cards: A Resource for Understanding Biometric Security Vulnerabilities

Published: 4 March 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/k7srr5wwhv.1
Dr. Aziz Makandar, Syeda Bibi Javeriya


The Morphed Aadhar Card Images Dataset is a collection of 500 images generated for research purposes in the field of identity fraud detection, biometric security, and privacy protection. The dataset serves as a valuable resource for researchers studying the implications of image manipulation on identity verification systems and biometric security measures. The images in this dataset were collected from, a platform. They were originally scanned Aadhar card images, resized from 640x640 to 300x300 pixels to standardize the dimensions. Subsequently, faces within the Aadhar card images were morphed using the Faceswapper.AI tool, ensuring that the identities of individuals in the images remain unidentifiable. The primary purpose of this dataset is to facilitate research into the detection and prevention of identity fraud, particularly in the context of Aadhar card verification systems. It can also be used to explore the vulnerabilities of biometric security measures to facial manipulation techniques. To protect the privacy of individuals, sensitive information such as Aadhar card numbers has been intentionally obscured in the images.



Akkamahadevi Women's University


Computer Vision, Image Processing, Computer Privacy, Biometrics, Computer Forensics