Z′-explorer: A simple tool to probe Z′ models against LHC data

Published: 27 August 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/k7tdp8kwgf.1


New Physics model building requires a vast number of cross-checks against available experimental results. In particular, new neutral, colorless, spin-1 bosons Z', can be found in many models. We introduce in this work a new easy-to-use software Z'-explorer which probes Z' models to all available decay channels at LHC. This program scrutinizes the parameter space of the model to determine which part is still allowed, which is to be shortly explored, and which channel is the most sensitive in each region of parameter space. The user does not need to implement the model nor run any Monte Carlo simulation, but instead just needs to use the Z' mass and its couplings to Standard Model particles. We describe Z'-explorer backend and provide instructions to use it from its frontend while applying it to a variety of Z' models. In particular, we show Z'-explorer application and utility in a sequential Standard Model, a B-L Z' and a simplified two-sector or Warped/Composite model. The output of the program condenses the phenomenology of the model features, the experimental techniques, and the search strategies in each channel in an enriching outcome. We find that compelling add-ons to the software would be to include correlation between decay channels, low-energy physics results, and Dark Matter searches. The software is open-source ready to use, and available for modifications, improvements, and updates by the community.



Computational Physics, Elementary Particle