Z′-explorer 2.0: Reconnoitering the dark matter landscape

Published: 6 April 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/k7tdp8kwgf.2


We introduce version 2.0 of Z'-explorer, a software tool that provides a simple, fast, and user-friendly test of models with an extra U(1) gauge boson (Z') against experimental LHC results. The main novelty of the second version is the inclusion of missing energy searches, as the first version only included final states into SM particles. Hence Z'-explorer 2.0 is able to test dark matter models where the Z' acts as an s-channel mediator between the Standard Model and the dark sector, a widespread benchmark employed by the ATLAS and CMS experimental collaborations. To this end, we perform here the first public reinterpretation of the most recent ATLAS mono-jet search with 139 fb−1. In addition, the corresponding searches in the visible final states have also been updated. We illustrate the power of our code by re-obtaining public plots and also showing novel results. In particular, we study the cases where the Z' couples strongly to top quarks (top-philic), where dark matter couples with a mixture of vector and axial-vector couplings, and also perform a scan in the parameter space of a string inspired Stückelberg model. Z'-explorer 2.0 is publicly available on GitHub.



Computational Physics, Elementary Particle, Dark Matter