Building an Open Scientific Community, installation of an open science culture in the community of researchers, teachers and students of the Universidad de los Andes. (C3A)

Published: 16 November 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/k8nh96vstg.1
, Maria Trivelli


The Universidad de los Andes Project aims to build an open science university community through the installation and strengthening of institutional capacities, the management of cultural change and collaboration with the national and international scientific community. The strategic elements that characterize this Project are: 1) its focus on science to permanently change disciplinary guidelines, which range from the formulation of research projects to the visibility of their results, 2) acting on researchers, students graduates and students of the University, and influence national and international research partners, expanding the community of influence significantly, 3) generate an effect on all students of the University so that they understand what open science is and the effect that this, in turn, has on their studies and on their professional life and, with this, educate citizens, with an open science mentality, 4) produce a disruptive, permanent, and massive institutional change, 5) consider the use of tools GNU (open software), to the extent technically and efficiently convenient, 6) that the University is inserted in international and national networks with experience in open science, especially in the definition of policies, standards, strategies, infrastructure, training, and cultural change , 7) some of the training efforts will be uploaded as MOOCs and shared with partner research institutions, other institutions and the interested community, 8) through this Project, the University assumes ambitious goals, which will be monitored throughout of the life cycle of research projects. The generation of intermediate and final research results in open science is seen as a process that is part of the Data Management Project (DMP) research line, product commitments, data in repository, published dataset, open access articles, visibility of dataset, articles and other products of social appropriation derived from research).



Universidad de los Andes


Science, Document Capture, Proposal Management, Replication Research, Open Data, Repository Studies, Scientific Services


Agencia Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo

InES Ciencia Abierta INCA230008