Experimental data of thermo-hydraulic measurements of double corrugated tubes

Published: 11 February 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/k8r4xzr3fn.2
Kristina Navickaitė,
Kurt Engelbrecht,
Christian Bahl,
Andrea Mocerino,
Luca Cattani,
Fabio Bozzoli,
Klaus Litorp,
Xiaodan Zhang


A double corrugated tube geometry for improved heat transfer performance inspired by vascular heat exchangers found in fish such as the tuna and the opah is presented. The geometry features a cross section that varies continuously in the flow direction while maintaining a constant hydraulic diameter, which gives enhanced heat transfer at a relatively low increase in pressure drop. Five ellipse-based tubes with varying corrugation severity and period that emulate blood vessels of fish were produced in an aluminium alloy using additive manufacturing technology. Thermal performance of the novel tube design was experimentally investigated in a counter flow tube-in-shell heat exchanger in a range of Reynold numbers from 1000 to 2500. Table 1 presents the geometrical parameters of the examined tubes. The double corrugated tubes varies in aspect ratio, AR and corrugation period, p, hydraulic diameter, Dh, is maintained constant at any point of the flow channel. However, the derived surface equations only approximates the surface of the double corrugated tubes. The inaccuracy, caused by imperfection of the equations as well as the limitations of CAD software and manufacturing process, is less than 4 %, thus all the examined tubes are considered to have constant Dh, Inner and outer surface area, As,i and As,o, respectively, length, l, and the wall thickness, δ, are given in Table 1. The geometry of the examined double corrugated tubes is fully described in Research paper. The data presented in Tables 2 - 8 present full data set obtained during the experimental study – inlet and outlet temperatures as well as mass flow rates for heat transfer and pressure measurements and measured pressure drop. Surface roughness data are presented in Figure 1 as well as separately uploaded as a .tif file.



Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Universita degli Studi di Parma


Heat Transfer, Surface Analysis