Data for: The significance of Upper Jurassic felsic volcanic rocks within the incipient, intra-oceanic Dras Arc, Ladakh, NW Himalaya.

Published: 28 November 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/k8z6cmzvjh.1
Jessica Walsh,


Table S1: Description and locality of samples from the Dras Volcanics (felsic tuff and trachydacite) and Kargil Intrusives (granodiorite-diorite-gabbro). Table S2: Whole rock major (wt.%) and trace (ppm) element compositions of representative samples from the Dras Volcanics and Kargil Intrusives. The geochemical analyses presented are combined with previous analyses of the Dras Volcanics, Kargil Intrusives, Spongtang Ophiolite-Spong Arc complex, Zedong terrane and Luobusha Ophiolite (Aitchison et al., 2007; Bhat et al., 2019; Buckman et al., 2018; Corfield et al., 2001; Liu et al., 2020; Malpas et al., 2003; Zhang et al., 2014; Zhong, 2006). Table S3: Zircon U-Pb results using LA-ICP-MS from the Dras Volcanics (samples 17NI05: felsic tuff and 17NI12: trachydacite) and Kargil Intrusives (samples 17KG01: granodiorite, 17KG02: diorite, 17KG04: granodiorite). All analytical errors are given a 1σ. Samples highlighted in red have been rejected with comments provided.



Geology, Geochemistry, Tectonics, Geochronology