Sediment particle distribution in a dammed reservoir under climate and land use scenarios (Carpathian Mts.)

Published: 24 June 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/k9c7c666bt.1
, Paulina Orlińska-Woźniak,


The database contains a graphical representation of the modeling study results carried out for the upper Raba River catchment with the Dobczyce dammed reservoir, located in the Polish part of the Carpathian Mts. The study focused on tracking of three sediment fractions (mineral - SILT, CLAY; and mineral-organic - SMAG) from their source, to deposition place in the reservoir. For this purpose, the SWAT and AdH/PTM models were used, and combined on a digital platform - the Macromodel DNS. This allowed us to maintain the natural continuity of sediment transport between the catchment, river, and reservoir, and precisely indicate the particle deposition areas for each fraction. The analyzes were carried out with a monthly time step, taking into account the high variability of sediment loads flowing to the reservoir. The study also considered the impact of climate and land use changes on this process. The calibrated and verified SWAT model for the upper Raba catchment was used as the baseline scenario. Then, the combined climatic and land use scenarios (VS1-VS4) were applied. Climate change forecasts were based on data from Euro-CORDEX, RCM models [] and Global Climate Models - GCM. They included RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 emission scenarios for short (2026-2035) and long time horizons (2046-2055). These climate scenarios were originally prepared for the Polish Urban Development Plans (UAP) []. The land use scenarios (forest and urban) were based on the results of the FORECOM project []. In order to track the individual sediment fractions in the reservoir, it was divided into four zones (A-D). The database consists of fifteen excel sheets: - research area - location of the analyzed catchment and reservoir; - scenarios - list of the prepared scenarios together with their description; - NOV - OCT - sediment mineral particle (SILT, CLAY) distribution maps for the Dobczyce Reservoir, under the baseline and variant scenarios; - SMAG - sediment organic mineral particle (SMAG) distribution maps for the Dobczyce Reservoir, under the baseline and variant scenarios.



Sedimentation, Environmental Modeling, Climate Change, Basin Modeling, Reservoir Modeling