M16 Rifle Gunshots and Firecrackers Recordings

Published: 7 March 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/kbgw323248.1
Cherry Mae Villame,


This dataset contains Gunshot residue from M16 Rifle and Firecracker recordings. Note: 1. For M16 gunshots recordings - Folder name represents angle, filename represents the ff * for angle 0/360 upto angle 120 distance 50m - 1 TO 6 distance 60m -7 TO 12B distance 70m -14 TO 19 distance 80m -20 TO 25 distance 90m -26 to 31 distance 100m -32 to 36 *for angle 135 to angle 345 filename represents "angle - distance.wav" 2. For Firecrackers recordings - filename is based on "angle-distance.wav"


Steps to reproduce

In recording M16 gunshot, the researcher used a four array of Omni-directional microphones. This array of microphones is connected to the recording system implemented using the Compact DAQ System NI-9234.The recorded signal was then analyzed using MatLab. Please see linked article for more details about the recordings.


MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology


Computer Engineering, Applied Computer Science