Data for: An Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Multiple Inlet Restrictors on the Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in a Flow Boiling Microchannel Heat Sink

Published: 21 March 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/kcr78v4vhn.1
JAMIL A. KHAN, Nabeel Abdulrazzaq, Azzam Salman, Amitav Tikadar, Saad Oudah, Egab Karim, Ruixian Fang


• In this study, experimental investigations were performed to quantify the effect of different configurations of inlet restrictors on the heat transfer performance and pressure drop in a flow boiling microchannel heat sink. • Multiple IRs performs best in CHF enhancement at low mass flux, and the 1IR case performs best at high mass flux. • For lower mass flow rates, cases with multiple-opening inlet restrictors generally work better (e.g., higher CHF) than cases with the single-opening inlet restrictor. • The optimum configuration was obtained by maximizing the heat transfer performance (e.g., in terms of CHF enhancement) and minimizing the pressure drop penalties.



Mechanical Engineering