Collective ERK/Akt dynamics in epithelia

Published: 1 February 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/kd3n5k784m.2
Maciej Dobrzynski,


Experimental single-cell time series of ERK and Akt activity from fluorescent time lapse microscopy, and R/Python scripts required to reproduce the figures from the accompanying publication: Gagliardi et al. "Collective ERK/Akt activity waves orchestrate epithelial homeostasis by driving apoptosis-induced survival". Pre-print available from here:


Steps to reproduce

To view this repository, download everything, unpack all zip files in the root and data folders and open the index.html file in the root directory. The file contains a browsable HTML content to explore the data and R/Python scripts and notebooks required to reproduce the figures.


Universitat Bern


Molecular Biology, Clustering, Fluorescence Microscopy, Pattern Recognition in Bioinformatics, Time Series, Computational Biology