Fine scale assemblage structure of benthic invertebrate megafauna on the North Pacific seamount Mokumanamana

Published: 13-11-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/kddjgvbrhj.1
Nicole Morgan


Raw and standardized counts of benthic invertebrates from the Northwestern Hawiian seamount Mokumanamana from AUV still images. This data is structured to compare invertebrate communities between depths and sides of a single deep-sea feature. One side has more depth bins counted than the other two, due to analysis that found every 50 m of depth was not necessary to see differences in community.. Standardized counts are divided by the number of images in each transect. Also included are two sets of R code for all analyses done in R, one for the S362 with more depth bins, and one for the whole of the seamount at the same depths.