Global multi-hazard risk to port infrastructure and trade

Published: 30 September 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/kdyt24tsh5.1
Jasper Verschuur


The datafiles created as part of the following publication: Verschuur et al. (2022), "'Multi-hazard risk to global port infrastructure and resulting trade and logistics losses', published in Communications Earth & Environment. The data is included in three folders that contains output of analysis and new port-asset databases constructed: -Port_area: total port area estimates per port -Port_asset_database: the port assets database created, which includes the port assets, breakwaters, and critical infrastructure in the port vicinity (1km buffer). -Risk_output: the various risk output of the analysis, including the port-specific risk and trade-risk, as well a the risk output per hazard type. All information per data file are included in the respective 'readme' files included per folder and subfolder. The code to reproduce the results presented in the paper is available from Github: For any questions or additional data requests, feel free to contact me: Jasper Verschuur,



University of Oxford


Port, Environmental Hazard, Trade, Risk, Infrastructure