Data regarding the research paper productivity of Japanese pharmacy schools in 2017

Published: 27 June 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/kfc3rbk78w.1


Since the early 2000s, it has often been noted that academic publications from Japan have stagnated. However, in recent years, no study has focused on academic productivity specific to Japanese pharmacy schools . Therefore, we present the data regarding the number of published papers (Table 1) and biomedical field publications per faculty member (production coefficients,Table 2) in the all pharmacy faculties in Japan in 2017 (74 schools). Publications were extracted from the PubMed database. Faculty members were defined as professors, associate professors, and lecturers (3313 in all). The figures are presented separately for public and private universities. In addition, the comparison of pharmacy schools in private universities was divided into the schools established after 2003 and schools established before that date.


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A total of 3313 professors, associate professors, and lecturers in 74 pharmacy schools (14 national universities, 4 public universities, and 59 private universities) in Japan were defined as faculty members (FM) and extracted from the 2017 edition of the Directory of Faculty Members of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Japan. The number of academic publications by each FM during the year 2017 was extracted from the Pubmed database, taking into account their names and affiliations. We then calculated the average number of publications per FM for each faculty.


Tokushima Bunri Daigaku, Teikyo Daigaku


Social Pharmacy, Productivity