Data doe Optimization and comparison of Photovoltaic Parameters of Zinc Oxide (ZnO)/Graphene Oxide (GO) and Zinc Oxide (ZnO)/ Carbon Quantum Dots (CQDs) Hybrid Solar Cell using Firefly Algorithm.

Published: 7 December 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/kg2882mw3d.1


This work is an attempt to develop two forms of hybrid solar cells, one by the amalgamation of zinc oxide (ZnO) and carbon quantum dots (CQDs) and second, by incorporating graphene oxide (GO) into zinc oxide (ZnO). In this study, optimization, validation, and comparison of the photovoltaic parameters of the two nanostructured solar cells were attempted using the Artificial Neural Network (ANN) technique. The ANN was instructed using the Firefly algorithm (FA). The input parameters are the spectral power density and temperature. The output parameters are the short circuit current, open-circuit voltage (Voc), fill factor of the cell (FF), and maximum voltage point prediction (VMPP).



Haldia Institute of Technology, Indian School of Mines, Institute of Engineering and Technology


Artificial Neural Networks, Hybrid Solar Cells, Firefly Algorithm