Zhongnancun Section Sequential leaching Hohl et al., 2019

Published: 19 July 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/kgn88f7k9z.1
Simon V. Hohl


This is a dataset accompanying the GCA publication by Hohl et al., 2019 on Cd isotope and trace metal concentrations obtained in the early Cambrian Niutitang Formation, Zhongnancun section, Guizhou Province, South China. The data set includes trace element and Cd isotope compositions from sequential leachates of organic matter rich sediments as well as C and XRD analysed obtained on bulk rock powders.N All rock powders have been registered at the system for Earth sample registration and have been assigned a SIGN number. Table 1: Trace metal concentrations Table 2: XRD mineral compositions Table 3: org C isotope compositions Table 4: Cd isotope compositions


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Sequential leaching of OM rich sediments revealed five​ operational phases that were then analysed for their trace metal concentrations using linear regression ICP methods. XRD analyses were performed on OM free rock powders. Org C isotope compositions were analysed on decalcified rock powders. Cd isotope compositions were analysed on four operational phases from the sequential leaching using double spike TIMS ID.


Tongji University


Trace Metal, Novel Stable Isotopes