Data from Riotinto rocks (VNIR and TG)

Published: 17 August 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/kgr57wrrgc.2
Javier Cuadros


Raw data (Excel format) of thermogramivetric and visible-infrared (VNIR) data of samples from 4 locations in the Riotinto area (Calanas, El Villar, Quebrantahuesos, Tharsis). The VNIR data are for the bulk rock and for the size fraction less than 2 micro-meters. The data have been used in multiple publications related to: 1) investigation of the acid-alteration processes that took place in the investigated sites. 2) application of the above information to remote-sensing investigation of clays on Mars, especially kaolinite findings. 3) analysis of VNIR spectra and color in mineral mixtures containing iron oxides, sulfates and clays, and the use of such analysis to identify and quantify Fe minerals in mixtures. Publications linked to these data: Christian Mavris, Javier Cuadros, Jose Miguel Nieto, Janice L. Bishop, Joseph R. Michalski (2018) Diverse mineral assemblages of acidic alteration in the Rio Tinto area (southwest Spain): Implications for Mars. American Mineralogist 103, 1877–1890. DOI: Cuadros, J., Mavris, C., Michalski, J.R., Nieto, J.M., Bishop, J.L., Fiore, S. (2019) Abundance and composition of kaolinite on Mars: Information from NIR spectra of rocks from acid-alteration environments, Riotinto, SE Spain. Icarus 330, 30-41. DOI: Javier Cuadros, Manuel Sánchez-Marañón, Christian Mavris, Saverio Fiore, Janice L. Bishop, Manuel Melgosa (2020) Color analysis and detection of Fe minerals in multi-mineral mixtures from acid-alteration environments Applied Clay Science, 193, 105677. DOI:



Earth Sciences, Planetary Science