Normative reference value of thoracic expansion in school going boys with age group 5-15 year.

Published: 23 May 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/khh3zky49k.1
shamim ansari shamim, Kanu Goyal


To establish the normative reference value of thoracic expansion in asymptomatic individuals of aged between 5 to 15 years. 350 boys were recruited in this study. After the chest expansion measurements, procedure of chest expansion test was explained to the participants. To check the chest expansion participants were asked to standing at rest and asked to take deep birthing inhale to exhale then measurements of Axilla, Nipple, Ribcage are taken. Descriptive statistics were expressed in mean with 95% for Age, Height, Weight, and BMI. 11.43 (11.15-11.70) in years, 2.44 (1.40-3.47) m, 36.64 (35.49 37.48) kg. 18.69 (18.45-18.93) kg/m². Mean value and 95%CI of chest expansion Measurement of the axilla, Nipple, and Ribcage, 2.99 (2.92-3.07) cm, 241 (2.35-2.46) cm, 2.06 (2.04-2.09) cm, respectively. The p-value>0.005 was kept as a level of significance for normative reference value: Representation of variables was in term of Geometric mean with 95% Confidence Interval. Keywords: chest expansion, pediatrics population.



Maharishi Markandeshwar Institute of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation


Respiratory Care, Pediatrics, Physiotherapist