Data for:Monitoring Land Cover Changes in the Tropical High Forests using Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis Techniques

Published: 21-09-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/khpzsrrdts.1
Etse Lossou,
Godwin Agyemang,
Nat Owusu-Prempeh


The uploaded research data include Digital Elevation Model of the study area, preprocessed Landsat imageries of the period under review (1990, 2013, and 2017) and their classified data which can be opened in any satellite processing software (ENVI, ERDAS, ArcGIS, etc.) The data also contain shapefiles which include the vector data of the study area, the training sites, and the reference control points used in determining the accuracy assessment. An excel spreadsheet has also been provided containing all the post classification analysis. Finally, all the maps that were generated have been added to the data in a jpeg format for visualization.