Data for: The cognitive and neural oscillatory mechanisms underlying the facilitating effect of rhythm regularity on speech comprehension

Published: 24 May 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/khspt2hy8p.1
li xiaoqing, Jinyan Xia, Ximing Shao


1. There were totally 20 subjects, and two subjects (13th and 20th) were deleted due to too much artifacts. 2. There were four versions of experimental sentences, and with each version being listened to by five subjects. version01(subject 1-5); version01(subject 6-10); version03(subject 11-15); version01(subject 16-20). 3. Markers of each experimental conditons: '11' & '21' indicate 'regular-rhythm, semantic congruent'; '12' & '22' indicate 'regular-rhythm, semantic incongruent'; '13' & '23' indicate 'irregular-rhythm, semantic congruent'; '14' & '24' indicate 'irregular-rhythm, semantic incongruent'.



Cognitive Science, Oscillation, Chinese Language