The Act of Teaching Writing - A literary review on this skill

Published: 11 November 2015| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/khtbbvg6xx.1
Irwin J. Céspedes


Communication is a process that requires constant practice. Without the communication of ideas, the world would be in chaos. Scholars of all over the world had discovered this, and they have exploited some characteristics of this. But, the problem starts when people wants to communicate ideas to others in another language. Nowadays, with the plenty access of data online, is not a mind breaker to discover that most of the articles people fnd at the Internet were writen by language technicians who are not native speakers. Here is when the process of teaching the beter way to teach how to write in English takes a part of the game. Moreover, teaching skills, like writing requires some schemes that need to be followed. And also it is necessary to teach them to the frst critical population: the student corpus. Simple basic stuf such as grammar, spelling and word choice becomes an important part of the curriculum for this topic. Nonetheless many teachers tend to confuse some exercises with other which does not have part in this skill. Te critical task for teachers is to recognize efectively which exercises are compatible for enhancing writen performance. Finally, at the end is all about communication. Old conventions for writing tend to be deprecated when we think that most of the technology today has come for only one purpose, to make things easy. We should teach rapid and efective ways of writing clearly and fuently. Although, in some part of our lives we need to appeal to our wisdom in order to do an academically research, it is something we do not deal every single day. Te thing is to create a balance between the strict ways of teaching how to write, aside the new conventions for writing, which have modifed the language during the present times.



Social Sciences