Supplementary Material to ‘Subtotal cholecystectomy: results of a single-centre, registry-based retrospective cohort study of 180 adults in 2011–2018’

Published: 4 October 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/khv3b7b6wf.1


A cholecystectomy is a standard treatment for symptomatic cholecystolithiasis. Significantly less focus, however, is given to subtotal cholecystectomy (STC), the alternative procedure to conventional cholecystectomy in extraordinary surgical situations. We produced a multi-aspectual report that aims to reduce the STC-specific knowledge gap and inform clinical decision-making strategies. The Supplementary Material is organised into broad sections that follow the structure of the main paper. It provides further introductory and methodological detail. It contains data within the 109 tables and 53 figures that are complementary and directly relevant to the article content. It offers the comprehensive descriptions of results for the cohort of 180 patients and its six subgroups stratified by surgical setting (elective/non-elective), surgical approach (open/laparoscopic), and type of completion of the procedure (reconstituting/fenestrating). The core of the main paper is formed around these tables and figures. We used three methods to improve the search, visibility, and readability of the information provided in the main text of the Supplementary Material and each page containing the STC figure or STC table. First, each reference to the STC figure or STC table within the main text of the Supplementary Material is in blue letters. Second, each page with STC figure or STC table contains a reference to a section of the main text of the Supplementary Material, in which the comments on an individual figure or table are provided. Third, key points related to individual STC table or STC figure are provided below each table or figure. The style of terms of the supplemental content conforms to the rest of the paper.



University of Liverpool, Erasmus MC


Cholecystectomy, Biliary Tract Surgery