Proyecto COVOX - Electrical and Mechanical fabrication files

Published: 4 July 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/kj7nk4khzd.1
Jose Felix Rosales


This data set contains the blueprints, board and schematic files corresponding to the design of COVOX. In this article, we introduce a Oxygen Concentrator which is a medical device that draws room/ambient air (containing 21% oxygen) and passes the air through a special filter that collects only the oxygen in a reservoir. The reservoir and concentrator have limited storage, so all of the stored oxygen is released into the oxygen tubing for administration to the patient, which can generate a flow of 20 lpm. COVOX provides 93% +/- 3% oxygen purity. It works at 220V, 60 Hz and has PSA technology.


Steps to reproduce

Refer to Section of design files of Covox - HardwareX


Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru


Biomedical Device, Oxygenator, COVID-19