Data for: An Analytical Simulation Method for X-ray Fluorescence Computed Tomography

Published: 16-01-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/kjh3jzd9xh.1
Bo Gao,
Luc Van Hoorebeke,
Matthieu N. Boone,
Brecht Laforce,
Laszlo Vincze,
Jelle Dhaene


Figures presented in this folder present the comparison between data simulated by PENELOPE and XFCTLab, which have been used to confirm the correctness of analytical simulator proposed for X-ray fluorescence computed tomography. In the legend box of each plot, the number followed "PENELOPE" (e.g. PENELOPE 2e2) indicates how many photons have been simulated at each translation position. Due to the usage of variance reduction technique, it is assumed simulating 2 million photons per translation position with PENELOPE (indicated in figure as: PENELOPE 2e6) is sufficiently close to the ground truth.