Phase transformation of schwertmannite changed microbial iron/sulfate-reducing processes in flooded paddy soil

Published: 4 December 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/kjwnp3662d.1


Research data include the follows: the XRD of schwertmannite coating on dialysis membrane in soils during the rice growth; concentration of As in rice roots straw and husk and grains; the relative abundance of iron-reducing bacteria and sulfate-reducing bacteria; the relative abundance of Geobacteraceae, dsrB, arsM, arsC, arrA, and aioA in soils; the acid-volatile sulfide (AVS) content in soil; porewater As(III) and Fe2+ concentrations in relation to the stability of FeS and As2S3 (orpiment), and As(III) in relation to the solubility of amorphous As2S3; the pH in rhizosphere and bulk soils; the content of Fe plaque on the surface of rice roots; and the correlation between grain As and Fe plaque, arsM gene and pore water As, and grain DMA and arsM gene.



Rice, Arsenic, Contaminated Soil