Data for: Soy Hydrolysate Mimic Autocrine Growth Factors Effect of Conditioned Media to Promote Single CHO-K1 Cell Proliferation

Published: 21 May 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/kk33gp633s.1
Fai Poon, Alan Fan Wu, KN Prasad, Wayne Wen-Yan Xu, Siddalinga Prasad, Henry Xiaoyu Yu, Jun Yuan, Sasi Bhushan, Jie-Wei Zhang


The increasingly competitive biopharmaceutical industry requires companies to focus on rapid and low-cost cell line development. Single-cell cloning (SCC) is a critical and high value process for cell line development, and typically problematic because single cell proliferates slowly when cultivated at low cell densities. Conditioned media (CM) provide autocrine growth factors to facilitate single cell proliferation, thus improve SCC efficiency. However, conditioned media (CM) are not a feasible solution for industrial cell line development due to variation and cross contamination concerns. Here, we have found an improvement in the SCC efficiency similar to CM when soy hydrolysate was supplemented in SCC media. Therefore, we concluded that hydrolysate can mimic the autocrine growth factor(s) effect to improve cloning efficiency observed in CM.



Animal Culture, Cell