Single Domain Wall (DW) Resistance Simulation in Magnetic Nanowires and Point-like Contacts with Flexible DW Width

Published: 22 February 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/kmsjt7kndk.1
Artur Useinov


The following data allows to reproduce Single Domain Wall (DW) Resistance in magnetic nanowires and point contacts: 1) Raw data of the single DW resistance in nanowire with diameters range d= 0.6 .. 371.91 nm when DW unconstrained width t0 is 16 nm (filename: data_delta_R_singleDW resistance t0 is 36 nm.txt). 2) Visual Fortran Prof. Ed.6.0.0 (1997-98) text of the code which reproduce DW resistance in uniform nanowires and point contacts with flexible DW width, where unconstrained DW width t0 is 36 nm: DW_LAP36nmk061p300p.txt 3) Wolfram Mathematica code for final output using results of Fortran code, see folder "Wolfram Mathematica Related files for final build t0=36nm" 4) Collection in Zip file: collected data for Single Domain Wall (DW) Resistance simulations in Segmented nanowires (non-symmetric point-like contacts) t0=16 nm The present data represents the theoretical modeling of the single DW resistance in the magnetic nanowires in framework of the adapted point contact model, which describes, in general case, a diffusive, quasiballistic and ballistic regimes of the spin-resolved electron transport in magnetic nanojuctions and nanowires. Keywords: Domain wall resistance, oscillation of the domain wall resistance, nanowires



National Chiao Tung University


Computational Physics, Data Modelling