ManeParse: A Mathematica reader for Parton Distribution Functions

Published: 23 March 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/knbsccggg4.1


Parton Distribution Functions (PDFs) are essential non-perturbative inputs for calculation of any observable with hadronic initial states. These PDFs are released by individual groups as discrete grids as a function of the Bjorken-x and energy scale Q. The LHAPDF project maintains a repository of PDFs from various groups in a new standardized LHAPDF6 format, additionally older formats such as the CTEQ PDS grid format are still in use. ManeParse is a package that provides access to PDFs within Mathematica to facilitate calculation and plotting. The program is self-contained so there are no external links to any FORTRAN, C or C++ programs. The package includes the option to use the built-in Mathematica interpolation or a custom cubic Lagrange interpolation routine which allows for flexibility in the extrapolation (particularly at small x-values). ManeParse is fast enough to enable simple calculations (involving even one or two integrations) in the Mathematica framework.



Natural Sciences