Data for: "A matador-like predator diversion strategy driven by conspicuous colouration in guppies". Heathcote et al, 2020

Published: 12 June 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/knxpdt8stw.1
Robert Heathcote


Data in "Experiment 1: Eye_colour_expression.csv" details guppy eye colour during predator inspections. Data in "Experiment 2: Robotic_trials.csv" details attack information when pike cichlids attacked biomimetic guppy models Data in "Experiment 3: Simulated_capture.csv" and "Experiment 3: Kinematic_data.csv" detail the data used to calculate the survival and kinematic performance of guppies during Experiment 3. Data in "Experiment 4: Data scored from Walker (2005) videos.csv" details data collected from videos used in study by Walker et al. (2005) Functional Ecology. For all data, distance metrics were measured in pixels in ImageJ and subsequently converted into millimetres; these converted values are retained in their entirety.



University of Exeter


Behavioral Ecology