Air-traffic events recorded by a dense seismic array near Anza California

Published: 3 September 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/kpftptxdj5.1


This dataset includes the beginning and end times of 1816 manually-detected air-traffic events using seismic records of the 2014 Sage Brush Flats Nodal Experiment ( Raw waveforms are available from the IRIS Data Management Center ( The dataset is created based on the methodology and analyses in the following publication: Meng, H. and Y. Ben-Zion. "Characteristics of airplanes and helicopters recorded by a dense seismic array near Anza California.", Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 123.6 (2018): 4783-4797 ( Related Matlab code and example data are available to model the Doppler effect of the air-traffic event through All beginning and end times of the detected air-traffic events are manually picked on spectrograms of the raw waveforms. The columns information: | Year | Day of Year | Start time | End time | Quality | Type | Duration | Year: 2014 Day of year: Julian day (129 to 157) Start time: Beginning time of an event in seconds of that day (0 to 86400). End time: End time of an event in seconds of that day (0 to 86400). Quality: A: high quality, visible for almost all stations B: lower quality, only visible for a subset of stations Type: A: an air traffic event (including airplane and helicopter) H: a possible helicopter event N: not determined We note that it is difficult to determine whether a detected event is only associated with an airplane or a helicopter, or superposed on other signals. Event types are estimated.