Data for: Length–weight relationships for seven neotropical freshwater fish species endemic to Central America

Published: 13 May 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/kphrvvgwwz.2
Justin Bagley,


In support of the manuscript by Bagley et al. (2022), this repository provides the raw data length data [standard length (SL), mm] and weight (g) data for determining length–weight relationships for Central American freshwater fishes in our study, as well as the corresponding collections information. The data are provided in a single Excel spreadsheet file named "Bagley_et_al_2022_DataS1.xlsx." Sites shown in Figure 1 of the manuscript correspond directly to localities provided (with latitude and longitude in decimal degrees) in the spreadsheet file in this accession. REFERENCES Bagley JC, Breitman MF, Johnson JB (2022) Length–weight relationships for seven neotropical freshwater fish species endemic to Central America. Acta Ichthyologica et Piscatoria.


Steps to reproduce

1. Survey Central American ichthyofauna at 60 sites in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama during field expeditions, sampling fishes with approximately 2 m × 1.7 m and 3.3 m × 1.7 m seines with 0.6–1.27 cm mesh size netting. 2. Preserve specimens in 95% ethanol and then transported to the laboratory. 3. Measure specimens to the nearest 0.01 mm standard length (SL) using digital calipers and weigh them to the nearest 0.0001 g on a Mettler-Toledo ME104TE/00 Analytical Balance. 4. Natural log (ln)-transform the weight and length data, then conduct length-weight relationship (LWR) analyses using linear modeling (regressions) in R, including functions in the FSA and FSAmisc R packages by Derek Ogle. Include t-tests of null hypothesis of isometric growth (b = 3) and estimation of 95% confidence intervals for LWR parameters. 5. Collate LWR model results including model parameters a and b. Back-transform a parameters by exponentiation. Strive to follow guidelines for valid and standardized LWR study design and analysis, as suggested by Froese (2006). REFERENCES Froese R (2006) Cube law, condition factor and weight–length relationships: history, meta-analysis and recommendations. Journal of Applied Ichthyology, 22(4), 241–253.


Virginia Commonwealth University, Jacksonville State University, Auburn University at Montgomery, Brigham Young University


Freshwater Fish, Central America, Neotropics, Animal Ecology, River, Linear Regression Model, Stream, Fisheries Science