Prevalence of the sublingual varices and their association with local and sistemics factors in a group of patiens who goes to the Dr. René Puig Bentz dental clinic of UNPHU.

Published: 16 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/krhv4n28cg.1


The study aimed to witness first-hand whether sublingual varicose veins are associated with local factors such as smoking or bruxism and general factors such as hypertension. To carry out the study, a sample of 222 patients was used, to whom an intraoral clinical examination was performed to detect oral varicose veins, blood pressure was taken at two moments of the clinical examination, and intraoral clinical photographs to demonstrate. the presence of varicose veins. These data were processed in the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) software. The result was that 91 patients presented oral varicose veins of these, 85 corresponded to sublingual varicose veins, which showed an association with bruxism and high blood pressure, so sublingual varicose veins can be considered a sign of these factors. Bruxism turned out to be a new finding, which had not been previously reported in the literature, this was quite interesting for the study because according to its characteristics, it did not seem to be a factor related to the vascular system, instead it is required that due to the forces exerted by bruxomaniacs patients, the vertical dimension is reduced, affecting the soft tissues and, therefore, resulting in the appearance of varicose veins. Obtaining these data highlights the importance of the intraoral clinical examination during the dental consultation, thus demonstrating the importance of carrying out a thorough evaluation, without overlooking clinical signs that may have clinical relevance.


Steps to reproduce

The study used 4 stages of compilation data / El estudio utilizó 4 etapas para recopilación de datos: Intraoral exploration. A clinical observation of the oral cavity was carried out to observe if sublingual varicose veins were present in one or more of the searched locations. / Una observación clínica de la cavidad oral se llevo acabo para observar si había presencia de várices sublinguales en una o mapas de las localizaciones buscadas. Blood pressure measure. With a blood pressure cuff and a stethoscope, the Korotkoff sounds were looked and after measuring twice (with time laps of difference) the data was written./ Con un esfigmomanómetro y un estétoscopio, se buscaron los sonidos de Korotkoff y después de medir dos veces (con tiempos de diferencia) los datos fueron escritos. Survey. The patients were questioned about different conditions./ Los pacientes fueron cuestionados sobre condiciones diferentes. Pictures. Images were taken as evidence, of the location of sublingual varicose veins found. / imagenes fueron tomadas como evidencia, de las localización de las várices sublinguales.


Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Urena


Hypertension, Floor of Mouth, Varicose Vein, Sublingual Route