“The Cosmic Rosary: Invoking Divine Power Through Divine Names in syncretism between cultures”

Published: 18 December 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/kt3xgtcx8m.1
Sunil Maria Benedict


The bar graph represents the frequency or count of different impact levels resulting from chanting the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. Here's the interpretation: High Impact Level: This bar indicates the count of effects that are considered to have a significant or high impact due to chanting the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. These effects may include increased tranquility, noticeable reduction in anxiety, deeper spiritual connection, relief from stress, heightened inner peace, etc. There are a few effects that fall into this category. Moderate Impact Level: This bar represents the count of effects that are considered to have a moderate impact resulting from chanting the Holy Names. These effects may include improved concentration, mental clarity, balanced emotional responses, sustained attention, etc. There are several effects that fall into this category. The graph essentially provides an overview of the distribution of impact levels. It shows that there are more effects falling into the moderate impact category compared to the high impact category, showcasing a range of positive effects from chanting the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, some more pronounced than others.


Steps to reproduce

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import numpy as np # Sample data impact_levels = ['High', 'Moderate', 'Moderate', 'High', 'High', 'Moderate', 'Moderate', 'High', 'Moderate', 'High'] chanting_effects = [ 'Increased tranquility and calmness throughout the day', 'Noticeable reduction in anxiety levels and stress response', 'Enhanced ability to concentrate and stay focused on tasks', 'Deeper spiritual connection and sense of divine presence', 'Consistent relief from daily stressors and pressures', 'Sharper mental clarity and improved decision-making', 'Improved attention span and sustained mental effort', 'Balanced emotional responses and better mood regulation', 'Heightened sense of inner peace and harmony', 'Elevated overall mood and positive outlook on life' ] # Counting the impact levels impact_counts = {'High': 0, 'Moderate': 0} for level in impact_levels: impact_counts[level] += 1 # Creating the bar chart labels, values = zip(*impact_counts.items()) plt.figure(figsize=(10, 6)) plt.bar(labels, values, color=['skyblue', 'lightgreen']) plt.xlabel('Impact Level') plt.ylabel('Frequency') plt.title('Impact Level of Chanting Holy Names of Jesus and Mary') plt.show()


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