Interhemispheric Effect of Global Geography on Earth’s Climate Response to Orbital Forcing (GCM Outputs)

Published: 8 January 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/kt8v7ths6p.1
Rajarshi Roychowdhury, Robert DeConto


The climate response of the Earth to orbital forcing shows a distinct hemispheric asymmetry due to the unequal distribution of land in the Northern versus Southern Hemispheres. This asymmetry is examined using a Global Climate Model (GCM) for different climate responses such as Mean Summer Temperatures and Positive Degree Days. A Land Asymmetry Effect (LAE) can be quantified for each hemisphere and the results show how changes in obliquity and precession translate into variations in the calculated LAE. The dataset contains GCM outputs from 3 sets of simulations with modern, Northern Hemisphere symmetric and Southern Hemisphere symmetric geographies. Each set of simulation is run at modern orbital configuration, and 6 extreme orbital configurations. GCM Outputs presented here are 10 year averages.



University of Massachusetts Amherst


Earth Sciences, Climate Data, Paleoclimatology