Arsenicum album mouse emotional response model time calcultor files

Published: 28-07-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/kvb6pkkpn5.1
Dr Kurian Poruthukaren,
Dr Vivek Sakthidharan,
Sucharitha Suresh


These files contain the spreadsheets for calculating the time taken by every mouse in the Light & Dark experiment and Open field experiment. In each file, there are five separate sheets, each denoting the data from the individual group. The groups are Diazepam (D group), Arsenicum album 30c(G group), Arsenicum album 6c (P group), Arsenicum album 12c (T group), and Ethyl alcohol (Th group). The content in the above-mentioned brackets are codes for the group. The hypothesis of this study was to prove that anxiolytic effects observed in this blinded study might not be due to placebo effects. The files will open in excel.