Design of a Mobile Surveillance System using GPS Navigation and Trajectory Control via waypoints

Published: 22 September 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/kvt2twjgkd.2


Object recognition is essential in any surveillance system. Being important to identify the entry of intruders to a home or parking in restricted places, are some actions that are performed during a routine. However, the performance of these systems turns out to be inefficient because they remain static and in many cases their viewing angle turns out to be very limited. Therefore, we believe that a mobile surveillance system would be more efficient in reducing citizen insecurity in some closed housing estates, shopping centers or condominiums. Since being a mobile monitoring system would not have the disadvantages that present security systems have. Reason why, in this project is proposed the design and application of a patrol robot with autonomous navigatio n, which is able to monitor and travel a specified route. This path can be defined by the user, who when recording a waypoint the rob o t will move to that location in a relatively straight line, allowing the robot to navigate from one point to another preprogrammed. The navigation of robot will be done by GPS, but not only using this signal. Since, although it is true that this gives us information about the position or speed of a topological form, it does not show us if there are any obstacles in the way. For this we seek to merge GPS navigation with a sensor-based one, which collects information and with the help of a microprocessor this information serves for the robot to make decisions, since it is sought to be completely autonomous. Finally, the robot will be able to capture images with the help of a camera, storing them in its internal memory. These im a ges are then sent to the user in real time so that the user can analyze them and detect any anomaly act in the shortest possible time.



Universidad Catolica de Santa Maria de Arequipa


Robotics, Global Positioning System, Robot Control, Safety, Navigation, Control Design, Automotive Design, Robot, Trajectory Planning, Autonomous Navigation, Mobile Communication Systems, Automatic Control